Meet The Staff

Owner & Retail Specialist

I bring almost 20 years of proper pet nutrition education to help your four-legged loved ones live a long and vibrant life! I started my research in pet nutrition when I was not getting the answers I needed for my miniature schnauzer, Abbey after she suffered pancreatitis. Happy to say, it paid off for both of us as she lived a healthy and amazing 17 years without any reoccurring issues or health problems!

This fired my passion to help other pet parents to live healthier happier lives with their beloved fur families. In pursuit of this goal, I formed great relationships with many premier food companies by asking questions that have really helped me to understand ingredients and I am able to pass this important information on to you!

In 2002, I had the pleasure and good fortune to meet Tammy and between the two of us and our passion & compassion for animals and their well-being, we were able to join forces and launch Little Stinkers! Here, we are able to share our knowledge and passion with everyone who comes through our doors.

It has been a wonderful and challenging 15 years here at Little Stinkers and I wake up every day thankful and driven to do my very best at making the special pet in your life one of the easiest things ever!

It is our hope to do whatever we can to help pets and pet parents affordably do the best they can for their loved ones. Being a partnership and small locally owned business, we only choose products that meet our high standards at a price you can afford. That way, it's a win-win for everyone!









Owner & Grooming Specialist

I’ve had the best life of all. I’ve spent it with dogs cats horses and those who love them as much as I do.

I graduated from the Maryland School of Dog Grooming in 1983 and I’ve never looked back.

I can honestly say I have not wanted to go to work. When Janine and myself met, we both wanted nothing more than help people with their beloved family pet members!

We have both dedicated our lives to this and we have built this amazing little business with a love for happy healthy pets. We have grown an amazing team we are both so proud of each of them.










Dog Groomer

I grew up in the store (also why I love it) and I'm Tammy's daughter!

I apprenticed under Tammy for a year and have continued to work under her as a professional groomer for the last 4 years.

I have 2 cats (Pope and Cobwebs) and 2 dogs Fynn hound x - Chief lab/hound. 

I absolutely love working with large breed dogs. I also do know a lot about dog food and supplements because I used to work the front before grooming.










Dog Groomer

My name is Stephanie but you can call me Steph! I’m one of the 5 beautiful groomers at little stinkers. I’ve got 2 cats, Morgan and Ming! The team took me in as family and a groomer in 2017 & have learned so much! Who wouldn’t wanna play with puppies!?;) Starting out here I was inspired by poodles & how extreme you can take their hair cuts, dye & all! We all deserve to feel glam.











Dog Groomer

I started my first job at a grooming salon in 2004 as a bather and doggy day care worker and knew instantly that I had found my passion. I was lucky enough to become a dog /cat groomer in 2006 and I’ve never looked back, I cannot imagine a better job. I’ve had the opportunity to work in both corporate and private salons I have been with Little Stinkers for 3.5 years. 

I have always had animals’ best interests at heart and love having the ability to be able to help care for and bond with so many animals and their people. I love having the opportunity to do something creative every day. I’m lucky enough to be mom Heffner (Yorkie) Lucas (border collie) Noah (chihuahua) who often tries and tests all the cookies when they come to work and kitties Bradley Garrix and Reid.










Store Manager & Dog Bather

I started at Little Stinkers as a high school co-op student bathing dogs. Once I graduated from high school, I continued on a volunteer basis for a few years. I enjoyed working at Little Stinkers so much that I worked myself up to a full-time position and have now been with Little Stinkers for 10 years. 

There are two other amazing employees who come to work with me every day; my adorable dogs, Austin and Rogan who are both poodles. Austin and Rogan love to greet customers as they enter the store and make them feel welcome. The thing I love most about my job is helping my customers find the products that best suit the needs of their canine companions and improve their quality of life. Also being surrounded by dogs every day is a definite bonus.