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Purodora Pet Shampoo for Shaggy Coats and Odour Neutralizer (500ml)

Purodora Pet Shampoo for Shaggy Coats and Odour Neutralizer (500ml)

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The Shaggy Wag is a shampoo made from natural ingredients designed to cleanse and moisturize. Made with avocado oil and barley protein, The Shaggy Wag moisturizes, revitalizes and gives body to your pet’s long-haired coat. It also contains a unique odour neutralizer designed to eliminate stubborn odours like wet hair, farm and cigarette odours, etc.

The Shaggy Wag is safe for puppies and kittens and made in Canada.


  • The Shaggy Wag restores softness and shine to the hair while respecting its pH
  • The Shaggy Wag neutralizes odours on the animal leaving a pleasant smell for several days.
  • The Shaggy Wag is biodegradable
  • The Shaggy Wag is humane to animals
  • The Shaggy Wag is free of Sulphate, Silicone and Paraben

Use The Shaggy Wag undiluted. Wet your pet. Massage the shampoo into you pet's coat, including the head. Leave on for 5 minutes to allow the odour neutralizer to penetrate. Rinse with clean water.
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